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The use of Bone Marrow Stem Cell research, and the usage of stem cells for pain management and tissue regeneration has  proven to show promising results in multiple diseases and conditions.   The use of Stem Cells to address musculoskeletal conditions are at the forefront of this growing field.*

For many years Stem Cell Therapy was only available to professional athletes, and celebrities.

Thankfully, the use of Stem Cell Therapy is now available to the general population to address a variety of health issues, pain, and even for cosmetic uses as well.

Stem Cell therapy is a much more natural alternative, and helps to avoid invasive major surgeries in many cases.

Stem Cells are the key to growth in being a human, and staying alive.

In adult tissues such as bone, muscle, or joint cartilage, the stem cells act as an internal repair system that continually replenish  through limitless cell division.

Stem cells harvested from a patient are able to differentiate and take on a specific function for the area they are placed, and that needs to be regenerated.  In the case of damaged joints, stem cells transform to generate additional cartilage cells that in turn, repair damaged joints.
The beauty of stem cell therapy is that it can naturally enhances the body's regenerative processes when dealing with issues such as osteoarthritis and injured areas, such as sports injuries. *

Stem Cells are all about repairing tissue; similar to when you get a cut on your hand and it heals generating new skin, how does this happen?

The new skin and healing after a cut occurs, transpires due to our stem cells doing the repair to the traumatized (cut) area, and by stem cells working to promote healing and regeneration of new healthy tissue. * 

Your bone marrow contains reserves of stem cells in case of tissue injury.   The harvesting of the bone marrow is a minimally invasive procedure, patients can gradually move around afterwards keeping activity to a minimum for 7-10 days post procedure.

Within two weeks post procedure, a specific physical therapy is prescribed; C.A.F.E Collateral Arterial Flow Exercises, which is also referred to as Chondrocyte implantation exercises are done to ensure proper blood flow stimulation and nutrients getting to the stem cells injected to the treated area, the therapy assists in the tissue regeneration process for optimal outcome.

Many patients avoid joint replacement surgery for as long as they can because of the long recovery time and potential complications that can arise from it. Surgery is not your only option!  Stem cell therapy benefits can incude:*
  • Avoid Major Joint Surgery*
  • Short Recovery Time*
  • Minimally Invasive*
  • Procedure is done within two hours*
  • Can greatly assist in restoring lifestyle*

The procedure primarily benefits patients with arthritis of the knee, hip, and shoulders.*

Other conditions such as degenerative  cartilage,  meniscus, or ligaments (ACL,PCL,MCL) depending on the damage, many times patients have seen good benefits from receiving stem cell therapy when opting to treat injured areas.*


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At Birmingham Medispa we ensure patient safety, comfort, and care throughout the entire process.  Stem Cell Therapy procedures are performed at an actual medical facility within a surgical operating room.*

Our procedure takes your own pre-existing stem cells from your bone marrow, processes them to the highest concentration possible using specialized systems to ensure the most accurate growth cell isolation. 

After the cells are extracted from the iliac crest (hip region) which yields the highest number and most richest concentration of stem cells, the cells are processed within a specific sterile processing unit, and are then immediately  processed within a very specific high resolution centrifuge system.*

To ensure precision and accurate placement of the Stem Cells being injected into the area being treated, the usage of guided imagery--a fluoroscope, is used prior to injecting the stem cells and at the point of injection to ensure accurate placement of the cells.   It's important that the harvested stem cells get injected precisely into the area(s) being treated for optimal outcome.*

After the procedure, the patient is able to walk but should plan to have  minimal activity for 7-10 days post procedure.
*   The patient may feel a sense of low to mild discomfort in the areas the stem cells were harvested from.  Many patients state they are surprised they didn't have more discomfort, and it just felt like a bruise.  The area being treated, will generally feel fuller and some state, "a fuller tight feeling" for a few days.*

Patient satisfaction has been very high through utilizing this more advanced process, and technique of harvesting the richest highest concentrations of Stem Cells from the iliac crest bone marrow versus some other providers performing various forms of Stem Cell therapy, within the market place.

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